Friday, 14 Aug 20

Maxi dresses are always my favourite.

My affinity with maxi dresses are always close to my heart. I had an desire to wear a black floral maxi dress . One day I searching something at myntra- suddenly I saw a black floral maxi dress and I feel happy to look at this. I decided to purchase it quickly . Finally I purchased it from Myntra. I attracted to this dress for many reasons. First reason is that maxi dress very comfortable to wear and looks beautiful. Second reason is that being an slim tall figure , I feel myself that this maxi dress looks more beautiful and classy to my figure. Third reason for my attraction towards the maxi dress is that - during this pandemic situation I can't go to purlour to save my legs So maxi dress is convenient in such situation. I love black floral maxi dress especially black always looks classy and sassy. I feel myself very elegant, gorgeous, beautiful and feeling like a princess in this maxi dress. Maxi dress can wear in both summer and winter. In this look , I also added a different hair style and a pink purse to look more classy and trendy. it can be wear as party wear also. I took photoshoot at different places and created a style of my own. Hello friends, how is my style?

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