Friday, 30 Apr 21

Mixing and Matching old Stuffs

Mixing and Matching old stuffs is also an style. During this pandemic situation , I have very limited stuffs . So I have decided to mix and match old stuffs. This is the month of April--- a month of summer. So comfortable dress is very important. So I have decided to wear my old jeans with a black half sleeve top . I also decided to add one of my old long cotton shrug and a sling bag to look more stylish. Along with this , I also added a piece of silver colour neckpiece to go with this style. During summer, I never forget to wear my black sunglasses. I choosen especially the black sunglasses to wear because I feel black sunglasses is more convenient to escape from the sunburn. During this pandemic situation, I too conscious regarding the location of photoshoot. I prefer very isolated area or location for photoshoot during pandemic situation. This is the reason I selected a Tea garden named baaksum tea garden which is located at jorhat assam - India. I I feel very comfortable to click most of my pictures here because this location is totally not a highly crowded area. The pictures that I clicked at baaksum tea garden which are uploaded below. Hello friends, do you like my style, outfit and location? Hope you all like.

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